Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide- Scentsy

Don’t you just love walking into a home that envelops you in a welcoming fragrance, like fresh baked cookies, pumpkin spice, apple cobbler….well, thanks to Scentsy, you can have all of these fragrances and more without ever having to bake.  Scentsy offers unique warming units that melt small wax squares and fill your home with festive fragrance!

We are going to be giving away a beautiful Hatteras Deluxe Scentsy Warmer and one bar of Christmas scent! Great for the holidays, or any day! This item is provided by
Amarillis Velez, an Independent Consultant for Scentsy. She is happy to fulfill all your sales needs as well as answer any questions you may have via her contact information below.

Scentsy started out small in the Thompson home and has grown into something huge that you can still access in the warmth of your own home by selling Scentsy as an Independent Consultant, or by hosting a fun Scentsy party with your friends. Scentsy warming sources come in many options, such as the traditional ceramic warmer, powered by a single light bulb, the plug in warmers which are perfect for the bathroom because they double as a night light, to their new element warmers. The new element warmer uses a hidden, safe, warming element so as not to project light.

As if that wasn’t enough options,  Scentsy also offers room sprays, scent circles for the car, sent filled paks, sent tins, gifts for children and so much more! There is a scent option to meet every need. This beautiful giveaway of the Hatteras model and a Christmas scent bar is reasonable priced at $35, but one lucky reader will win this combo!

Contact Amarillis for all of your Scentsy needs! You can order via email, website, Facebook, telephone (571-225-4042) or by having a fun filled Scentsy party in your home! 


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  2. I still can't find a place to post my address, but if you want to you can e-mail me!! :)

    1. Linda, so sorry about that! I thought that I had fixed that error. Please return and enter your address if you can. If it wont let you, let me know and I will email you. :) Thanks!

  3. I like Ponicera or perfectly pomegranate

  4. My FAVORITE scent is Zeppelin, but they did away with it. I'm on the hunt for my new favorite. I like the men's selection of scents & I THINK My Dear Watson may be my new fave.

  5. i love newborn nursery


  6. My favorite scent is the Cinnamon Vanilla

  7. I bought some travel tins a few years ago to place in closets but cant remember the names of the scents. id love to try some new ones! there are sooo many to choose from!

  8. My Dear Watson sounds intriguing... :)

  9. So far it's Watermelon Patch, but I love trying new ones!

  10. Perfectly Pomegranate