Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide- Koala Pals for Kids

Before I became a mom my favorite products shared two main components: great scent and the cheapest price. I never once thought to check the label to see what sort of chemicals/harmful ingredients were in them. If it was on sale and smelled good I bought it. Now that I am a mother (of twins) I have suddenly become much more conscious of the products that I bring into our home. I of course want to avoid putting harmful chemicals onto and into my babies’ bodies, but I also steer clear of using these harmful products in my home. Now I look for natural products that have a nice scent and a great price.

I recently came across some products that fulfill both of my new criteria, plus these products are safe and affordable .These products are sold by Robin Gallagher, a Marketing Executive for Healthy Products Healthy Lives

She offers safe, "green" household cleaners, children’s products, shampoos/conditioners, stain removers, pet supplies, vitamins, gluten free and more!

This give away will focus on the Koala Pals children’s line. They have bath time covered; just bring the towel and pajama's (oh and the kids). Healthy Products Healthy Lives is giving away a bottle of Koala Pals Hair Wash and the Koala Pals Dental Pack.

While it is unlikely that your kids will care about all the nourishing botanicals and vitamins packed into Koala Pals Hair Wash and they probably won’t notice how healthy and shiny their hair looks, they’ll definitely notice all the sweetly scented, tear-free suds that leave them with tangle-free locks, while you appreciate a gentle formula made just to keep kids smiling and happy. This great product is fun and super affordable at just $5.37!

The Koala Pals Dental Pack offers great oral care for kids! It meets all of their at home dental needs, providing gentle but effective products, delicious tastes, and lots of fun. This Koala Pals Dental Care Pack has it all; delicious tooth gels, colorful flossers, and a fun blue toothbrush. They have made brushing and flossing something your kid wants to do! Your kid will love the brightly colored, easy-to-hold toothbrush and flossers, which are made just for little hands and mouths. This pack includes Berrylicious Tooth Gel for children ages 2 and up (also available in Training Tooth Gel), made with delicious flavors and natural sweeteners, and filled with the tooth-cleaning power of baking soda. Best yet, with the Koala Pals Dental Pack, you’ll save more than 20% over buying the products separately. This is quite a value at $6. 76!

If you think these products are great, make sure you check out their entire Koala line, made just for kids, which includes items such as tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, lotion, and bath play body paints, multivitamins and more!

You can contact Robin for sales and more information:
Phone: 301-395-9185


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    1. HI! Thanks for the thoughts. I do have body paint and multivitamins for kids. I also have shakeables, filled with healthy vitamins and fun for kids to drink.

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    1. I have multivitamins for kids for just .13 cents a day!

  3. I would love to try a Natural Stain Remover! With a 10 year old, 3 year old, and 9 month old we have a variety of different stains everyday! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway :)

    1. Yes! My stain remover is incredible! I went to visit family and my husband had to work, he got pizza sauce on his pants that sat in the basket for 5 days. When I came home, I treated the paints w/ my stain remover and washed them. The stain came out completely! I posted pictures on my Healthy Products Healthy Lives FB page!

    2. Wow! That is amazing!! With our 9 month old I don't even want to think about how many of her shirts I have ripped up for rags because of an annoying stain that I couldn't get out for the life of me! I even tried the Stain Remover from the Dirty Jobs guy!

  4. Shampoo. We go through tons of it, and I'm always trying to find good brands.

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