Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby(s) On Board

Life has been a little crazy. It has blown by in a whirlwind with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our twin’s 1st birthday; not to mention that we all were sick for 3 weeks. Ugh.

To add to the whirlwind, we found out on Thanksgiving Day that WE ARE PREGNANT! Yeah, pretty exciting! So we had a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. As of right now, I am 12 ½ weeks pregnant. With twins. Again. And I couldn’t be more happy about that!

At the beginning of 2012, we were a family of 2, and this fall we will become a family of 6. That’s kinda big. I feel truly blessed and I couldn’t ask any more out of this life. I come from humble and broken beginnings. My past has a lot of dark spots and a lot of pain; BUT GOD. I could have never dreamed that I would be living the life I am living today.

Some people hear or see that I have twins and say things like, “I’m sorry” “Better you than me” or “Oh My!” and now that we are having twins again, the comments are even more harsh. I find this sad. I am thrilled to finally be a mother, albeit a mother of 4 in 2 years! I consider this a great blessing! I believe that every child born has a purpose and a plan written by God and I am honored to be these 4’s mother. I get to play a part in their beautiful lives.

According to the ultrasounds, my due date is 8/9/14, but my guess is it will be the middle of July. So that means I have about 6 months to start stocking up on diapers and wipes!

Please bear with me as I am getting back into blogging gear. We will have a new giveaway starting up soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sei Bella Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Recently I read somewhere that sulfates are bad for your hair; that they strip your hair of natural things. So of course I ran to my shower to check my bottles and wouldn’t you know, they had not one, but many types of sulfates in them. I have naturally wavy/curly hair which basically means I have very frizzy hair. So I do not need shampoos and conditioners that strip my hair of moisture.
I mentioned this to Robin at Healthy Products HealthyLives and she suggested a much more natural product that she sells called Sei Bella Luxury Shampoo and Conditioners. I was skeptical because I really LOVE my chemical induced, great smelling cleaners.

So I tried the Sei Bella Shampoo and Conditioner and I found that I needed only a very small amount of each to do a good cleaning job. The shampoo rinsed out very well and left my hair feeling, literally, squeaky clean. The conditioner was nice and thick, and they both smelled really good. Not overpowering, but sweet and clean. The conditioner also rinsed out well and left my hair feeling very soft.
Next was the big test. I blow dry, and Sei Bella is supposed to offer great heat protection powered by soy. So I blow dried my hair and I was a little surprised by the condition of my hair. When I use my normal cheap chemical shampoo my hair is big and fluffy. After using the Sei Bella, it was quite the opposite. My hair was kind of heavy and it felt coated? I am not sure if that is the right word to use.
Normally my hair is so dry that I can only wash it every couple of days because it will be such a fizz ball if it’s over washed. But with Sei bella, because it doesn’t strip my hair, I would have to wash it every day. So the downside, having to wash my hair more often. The upside, having less frizz and softer hair! So this seems to be a great product if you have frizz prone hair. It may be a little too heavy for people with thin or fine hair. If you are looking for the next frizz miracle or natural shampoo, give Sei Bella a try!

The technical info:
Sei Bella Luxury Shampoo -The moisture delivery system of Luxury Moisture Shampoo replenishes normal-to-dry hair and smooths frizz for stronger, softer hair. Patent-pending Protection Complex Technology prolongs color and protects from damage. What it does: Rebalances the moisture level of hair for soft, shiny, manageable strands. Who should use it: Those with normal-to-dry hair who want extra softness without weighing hair down.
Luxury Conditioner - The moisture delivery system of Luxury Moisture Conditioner replenishes normal-to-dry hair without extra weight for stronger, softer hair. Patent-pending Protection Complex Technology prolongs color and protects from damage. What it does: Moisturizes hair, smooths frizz, and boosts shine. Who should use it: Those with normal-to-dry hair who want extra softness without weighing hair down.

Both Products have Protection Complex Technology™
Patent-pending Protection Complex Technology™ fuses the benefits of natural botanicals with scientific advancements for a new way to nourish hair. Found in each and every Sei Bella Hair Care product, Protection Complex Technology protects hair in four critical ways:
1. Color protection—powered by sunflower extract— preserves your color to keep it looking vibrant between salon visits. In blind scientific tests, Sei Bella color protection technology protected color better than salon favorite Pureology®
2. Anti-breakage protection reinforces your hair, keeping it strong and shiny with the unique repairing properties of sandalwood and creatine
3. Thermal protection is powered by soy protein to protect hair from styling damage
4. UV protection naturally found in free-radical-neutralizing sunflower extract guards against damage and color fading caused by the sun's harsh rays