Gross But True...Relateable Mommy Moments

---My daughter likes to pull wet washcloths out of the dirty laundry and suck on them. <shudder>

---Sometimes my twins share pacifiers, toys, spoons, etc. Well, one night, my husband and I were putting the twins down for bed and my son had my daughter's pacifier. We were in the dark, and in my husbands effort to pass the pacifier to me and my daughter, it fell to the floor. So naturally, I put the pacifier in my mouth to remove any debris...and I got a surprise. It tasted warm and salty....It was then that my husband informed me that my son had spit up all over the pacifier while it was in his mouth. And it was now in my mouth. Ewww! Taught me a lesson though.

---I am trying to teach my 10 month old daughter to "kiss." So far she has mastered aiming her face at me with her mouth open in a little circle, and touching her open mouth somewhere on my face :) I accept this as a kiss for now. Yesterday, she was fussy, but I wanted to work on "kiss." So I offered my face and she obliged. I planted a big kiss on her face, between her upper lip and her nose...only to find that I had placed my lips in a pool of snot! Yeah, she had a runny nose and I didn't see it in time. Yuck! 

But that hasn't deterred me from stealing kisses from baby girl! 

If you have a funny relateable mommy story to share, I would love to hear it! Email Me today! 


  1. HAHA! When I read, "between her upper lip and her nose...", I cringed! Both of my boys have runny noses right now, and just about every kiss, hug, or snuggle ends with their snot on me somewhere! But I just love them so much, a little snot can't hold me back!! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh... to funny!!! The spit up on the pacifier reminded me of the other day when I was holding my baby up in the air flying her around like an airplane and with a huge smile on her face and mine, she drooled and it landed right in my mouth! I was gagging for a few minutes! lol She is 9 months old and a teething mess right now :/ Thanks for sharing a gross but true story and giving me a laugh :)