Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brylane Home-Digit​al Double Deep Fryer

When it comes to gift giving, there really isn't anyone much harder to buy for than the men in my life. Whether its my Hubs or my Dad, I am always stumped. It's not really that they are picky...but they're men! They either want it and have it, or they don't have it and don't want it. I am thrilled to share a few great items this Christmas season that the men are going to love!

The first item geared towards the guys, is coming from Brylane Home. If you have been a long time follower, you will know that over the past year this is a company my family has truly fallen in love with! From everything to home goods, outdoor decor and organizational needs; Brylane Home has it all. You also might know that in the past, Brylane Home's products have been meeting my wants; so what might they have that my Hubs would go crazy for?? I'm glad you asked!

Hubs , loves to help me in the kitchen....if he has a cool gadget to use. Ya know, a waffle maker or a high end blender. Yeah...that's when he gets down and dirty , helping make a buttery waffle or a green smoothie! So I knew he would just flip over the Brylane Home Digital Double Deep Fryer. What guy doesn't enjoy a good deep fried food? When you can make them at home, well that's even better! 

When our Deep Fryer arrived, I was thrilled to see that it was already put together. It took me just a few minutes to remove all of the plastic & cardboard from the packaging , then we were ready to go. Immediately I noticed some great features about the Deep Fryer, it has see through windows, digital easy to use controls, and two 12 cup fryers. 

The first thing we chose to make with our fryer was some Pumpkin Funnel was the weekend before Halloween, my in-laws were in to visit , it was the perfect evening treat after carving pumpkins! So, I really thought Hubs would be the first to use this, but he was enjoying some time outdoors with the kids and his parents & the night was slipping away so I decided to give it a go!

I will have to admit, I was a little nervous. I LOVE being in the kitchen, but hot oil scares me! So, trust me when I say this was a piece of cake to use! The push button controls are very easy to use, and the oil heated up quickly. Once it was ready to go, I dropped the wire basket into the oil for just a few minutes, flipping the funnel cakes over half way through. Once they were done frying, I simply pulled the fry basket out and hooked it on the drying rest.  Then, as you would with any funnel cake, we topped them with powdered sugar and they were delicious! Then, clean up was just as easy as the set up.

We've used the Digital Deep Fryer several times since we've received it. We've also made donuts and chicken nuggets so far. Everything has been so easy to prepare and delicious! Hubs has made both the donuts and the chicken and he's been so proud of himself ;-) Even the kiddos just love how fun the Deep Fryer is (not that they use it, but they get to enjoy the goodies it creates). 

The Brylane Home Digital Deep Fryer retails for $149.99, but right now its on sale for just $89.99! This is a Christmas Gift that is a win - win for everyone! Your Hubs will be eager to use it and you'll get a break from the kitchen. One of you will win one of your own. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway ends on Thursday 11/21, Good Luck!

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