Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide-Ribbon Gift Collection

We all have that one person in our life that is so hard to buy a gift for. You know the one, they don’t seem to have any hobbies or clear interests. The items in their home seem to be a random assortment that don’t offer you any gift buying clues. So you end up buying them soap gift baskets or ties; every year.

Well, this year will be different. This is the year you discover Ribbon:The Gift of ChoiceToday’s giveaway is a $30 gift card for the Ribbon Gift Collection. Each Ribbon Gift Collection features top products from brands you know and love and includes a Gift Card with space for a special message.

This gift is so unique. The recipient of this Gift Card simply goes to the My Ribbon Gift website and enters their gift card number. They are then presented with an entire catalog of gifts to choose from, and their gift card will buy them anything in it! Such an interesting concept.

 Some great benefits of the Ribbon Gift Card: Free shipping – for you and your recipient, an unbeatable180-day Satisfaction Guarantee on Gift Cards and gift items, and the promise that Ribbon Gift Cards never expire or lose value.

Meet Stephanie Lane, a passionate Rep for Ribbon. 
Stephanie is excited about life and giving people a great guaranteed product that helps families save time and money! She will be adding a new addition to her family this coming February and is excited to see what the future holds.

Enter today for your chance to win! Good luck!

Contact Stephanie Lane at 814-317-6678 or today for purchase and/or questions.


  1. tammy1222 here. The hardest person I ever had to buy for was my dad.

  2. I would choose to buy a new house if money didn't matter.

  3. I would move back west and start a family

  4. I would choose a huge, awesome, wooden outdoor swingset/slide/fort structure for my little ones.
    Entry name: Mechele Johnson

  5. If money wasn't an issue I would buy a Rhino for my husband! My dad has one and it is so fun to take the kids out riding in the woods!! And it is much safer than a four wheeler and room for our whole family :)

  6. If money was no issue, I would choose a new house or larger apartment.

  7. From the website, I would buy the generator as that would really come in handy in case of an emergency!

  8. If money REALLY didn't matter, I'd get a new car!

  9. what about some nice ribbons?