Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Uppercase Living: Removable Vinyl Wall Decor

Upper Case Living. I must admit, I had never heard of this company until recently. Really, until a lot of my friends began to post pictures to Facebook of their beautiful new vinyl wall décor that they bought from Upper Case Living (UCL). My interest was piqued! Not too soon after this I was invited to an UCL home “party” where the company and its products were presented to me by the lovely Diana Crouse; I loved it! UCL has a huge catalog of designs that you can choose from. They have categories that range from inspirational to children to whimsical.

Some Favorites:


Vinyl wall décor definitely seems to be the latest craze! I mean, really, who doesn’t love art that won’t damage your wall; is easy to remove; and is completely customizable?! Not to mention, it can be applied almost anywhere you desire. I love to have scripture and phrases all around my house, but I hate to put nail holes in all my walls, plus I am pretty bad at hanging things straight. Thus, UCL designs are perfect for my family.

I was given the opportunity, by Diana, to pick a design and write a review of it. Being the complicated person that I am, I of course created my own design with 3 separate elements to it. With UCL you can basically create what you want. You can choose color, design, content, font, size, etc. A very cool thing about UCL is that you can play around with all of these elements in their My Design Suite application, which can be accessed through Diana’s website. Or, if you are design challenged, such as myself, you can ask Diana to create your art for you. I mean, you can even turn your favorite photo into a removable wall vinyl with UCL! Just tell her what you are thinking of doing and she will work wonders to create the perfect piece for you!

I don’t know about all UCL representatives, but Diana came to my house and actually applied the vinyl to my wall! Thank goodness! I may have destroyed my entire home simply trying to peel and stick a vinyl on the wall, evenly! Diana is such a pro. She brought along a tape measure and a level…she meant business. The result was beautiful! I am very pleased with the look and quality of my UCL wall vinyl. You can order yours today via Diana’s website. You can also contact Diana via Facebook, as well as follow her business and designs on PinterestTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

But of course, this is the Holiday season so one lucky reader will win a beautiful Welcome vinyl as well as a $25 credit to use as you wish at Diana’s Upper Case Living website! You could give the vinyl as a gift and use the credit to create your own masterpiece! Viola!
The Vinyl You Could Win

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  1. Wanted to let you know that I voted for you! Also I would really like to have this for my poor naked walls!! I think one of these beautiful vinyls would be perfect on the wall behind my bed in my bedroom. Thank you for posting this amazing giveaway!!

  2. I would love to win this prize for my Mom. She really needs some new things for her walls!!

  3. I love vinyl decor. It is so easy and fun to do and it looks great.

  4. I like the "Thank heaven for dirty dishes" quote.

  5. We just bought a new home - these decals would be great for decorating!