Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide- Mia Adora 3D Fiber Eyelash Kit

Have you ever tried to use false eyelashes? They are such a pain! I cannot draw a straight line to save my life, so can you imagine me trying to get a perfect line of glue out of a tiny tube, along my eyelash line? It is insane and near impossible! So I was a little leery when I heard of “3D fiber lashes.” I figured it would be the same old mess and trouble. However, they aren’t. They are actually quite simple to use.

I just got a kit from Mia Adora called 3D Fiber Lash Set. It is so simple, just 2 tubes of product, and 3 easy steps. Two awesome things about this product; it is easy to use, and it is smudge and waterproof. Need I say more? Yes? Okay, well, even I could figure this product out without a video tutorial! Haha! However, just in case, they do offer a free bonus ebook along with purchase that explains in detail how to apply these lashes and gives little tips as well as great pointers on how to get flawless eyebrows too.

Just a little user tip; do one eye at a time. You need to apply the fiber lashes while the gel is still wet, and if you try to do both at the same time, the gel dries before you get the fiber lashes brushed on. So do one eye at a time and you will usually succeed. My eyelashes definitely looked more plump and dark than with normal mascara. I was personally worried that I would have little flakes falling onto my cheeks all day, but I was pleased to find that I was flake free until the end of the night.
                      Mascara/Before 3D Fiber Lashes

After/With 3D Fiber Lashes

Over all I am pleased with this product and would recommend it. The lashes are made of natural ingredients that are paraben and toxin free, they aren’t tested on animals, and they use eco-friendly packaging. Could you ask for more? Well, you don’t have to ask because ONE lucky reader will win their very own 3D Fiber Lash Kit from Mia Adora, retail valued at $59.99!

 In the meantime, you can purchase a kit as a holiday gift for yourself or a loved one from Amazon today! But hurry, because they are having BLOWOUT sale where you can get your 3D Fiber Lash Kit for just $29.95! Enter to win below:
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  1. I don't like blow drying my hair - Trish

  2. I'd like this price because my eyebrows need it. - Trish

  3. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: My least favorite is tweezing eyebrows...ugh!

  4. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: The reason I'd like this prize is because my daughter loves to wear false eyelashes on different occasions. These would be perfect for her because that are easy to do and toxin-free. Yay!

  5. I also hate trying to do fake lashes! I don't mind much else, I love doing makeup, but I can't seem to do fake lashes. Or a decent/ consistent cat-eye eyeliner!

  6. The thing that drives me crazy is getting my mascara on properly. Every single time I end up getting it all around my eyes and then I'm stuck trying to get it off with a QTip. Drives me crazy, but I'm definitely not going without mascara either!!

  7. I'd love to win this because I am constantly trying new mascaras and I'd love to finally find one that I want to stick with. I have got the tiniest little eyelashes and I'm always looking for something to make them stand out or look bigger. Mia Adora looks like it would work wonderfully!!