Friday, October 10, 2014

Dear Struggling Mama, You Are Not Alone

What did you do today? Me? Oh, ya know, I'm just surviving. Somedays that is all I can do. I have four kids; two sets of twins, all in diapers, 19 months apart. And they cry, and scream, a lot. It can be such a challenge to feed, dress, diaper, entertain, and teach five people (myself included). 

I feel like I should doing so much better at this mother thing. But on days like today I find myself apologizing to my children several times a day. Apologizing for raising my voice, for being too easily irritated, or reacting too harshly. I love my children and I just want to be the best mom that I can be. 

I had these high expectations that I would do everything right as a parent. That my children would always be well behaved and that I would always know how to handle every situation and the appropriate way to discipline...boy was I in for a reality check. 

I have read books and taken classes on parenting and childhood development, worked in daycares and church nurseries...but nothing prepared me for motherhood. I am constantly coming across new struggles and situations where I feel like a floundering fish. 

So I have truly come to appreciate the honesty and transparency of my friends who share their struggles with me; who let me know that I am not alone in this constantly evolving thing called motherhood. And my husband who encourages me and keeps me laughing.

 My point is this: you are not alone Mama. On those days where you are in despair, when you raise your voice more than you would like to admit, when you reach the humbling point of having to apologize to your children for your behavior; you are not alone. Be honest with your spouse and with those women close to you in your life. They can relate and share their own experiences with you and it would probably bless them to hear that you struggle too. I know it helps me!

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  1. Wow, Ryann, you are really good at this. And you are just being Ryann, and being honest. And that picture of Ellie and Eli sitting against the wall with all of that torn up paper is so darn cute! And you are a good writer.