Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1-2-3- Just Play With Me Child Development Tool Ebook Review & Giveaway from Milestones & Miracles

As a new mom I constantly fretted that my children weren’t getting the appropriate stimulation to learn and develop like they should. I was always wondering, “Am I showing them enough contrast?” “Am I playing the right music?” “Did we do enough tummy time?” and so on… I also made the mistake (and sometimes still do) of comparing my children’s abilities to that of their peers. I would scour the internet to find out exactly what my child should be able to do at what age. But honestly, I was lost. I was a new mom and I had no idea what to expect from these new little humans. 

I just gave birth to my second set of twins, who are now 9 weeks old, and thankfully I know a little bit more about what to expect. However, our newest twins were almost full term, as opposed to our older twins who were 5 weeks premature and thus developed slower. So will these new little ladies be ahead in their development? What should I be looking for? Where can I get answers? 
                1-2-3 Just Play With Me Milestones & Miracles, LLC
Thankfully I recently came across a great tool for parents everywhere that will help us to know just exactly what a child should be able to do and at what age. No more guessing game. It is called JustPlay with Me from a company called Milestones & Miracles. The brilliant thing about this tool is that it not only helps you to understand the milestones that your child should be hitting, but it also gives you fun play ideas that will help you to help your child achieve these milestones! 

Daddy teaching us about sorting
 I trust the content of 1-2-3 Just Play with Me because  the company that created it, Milestones & Miracles is a company for moms founded by moms who also happen to be a licensed physical therapist (Nicole Sergent) and a licensed speech-language pathologist (Lacy Morise). These ladies have put a lot of time, research and effort into writing this Ebook. In it you will find amazing suggestions on how to “play with purpose” with your child; helping them to learn and advance while also building bonds with them.

Daddy teaching us about colors & shapes

There currently is nothing like this on the market that pairs development with play and I am thrilled to have it! I currently am using the  0-3 months sections for my newborns and the 19-24 month sections for my toddlers and we all love them! The 1-2-3 Just Play with Me system is so easy; I just click (or touch) the corresponding link with my child’s age in the table of contents and I reference it throughout the day. And I must admit, one of the best selling features about this parenting tool is that it is easy and way less overwhelming than the huge child development books; it is convenient and quick! I don’t have to find countless hours and quiet time to read a long book! I mean, really, what parent of small children has that luxury?! 

Pointing to and labeling body parts
As a mother of 2 sets of twins who were born prematurely, thus having some delayed development issues, I highly recommend this product because it has helped me to understand where my child should ideally be developmentally. The sections are color coded to differentiate between 5 areas of development: cognitive, fine motor, speech and language, social emotional, and gross motor. It also helps me to identify where their development may be lacking and helps me to feel empowered as my child’s advocate when speaking to their pediatrician. So don’t hesitate! You can buy your Ebook versio (which can be read on most devices) today for the reasonable price of $24.99 via Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble

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  1. Id like to win this for my friend and her new baby

  2. I am most interested in understanding shapes better.