Sunday, June 1, 2014

American Heroes CD Review & Giveaway!

My kids love music. They love to dance to it and sing to it; and I love education. Thus I was pretty excited to get the American Heroes CD collection for review recently! This set of four CDs is comprised of fun songs that educate kids (and/or adults) about some of our greatest American Heroes such as Thomas Jefferson, Pocahontas, Jonas Salk, Ben Franklin, etc.

These fun CDs are all by Jonathan Sprout, a singer songwriter and producer. According to the CD jacket, Jonathan created this collection of songs about real heroes with exemplary character traits after he learned of a survey in which kids listed their heroes as modern day athletes and cartoon characters. It seems that his hope was to inspire kids to learn more about America’s Heroes.

One of the things I like the most about this CD collection is that it includes the song lyrics. Many children’s CDs do not come with printed lyrics, so I am stuck mumbling along while trying to figure out the words so I can sing along to my kids. Some of my favorites were “Peanut Man,” “Pocahontas,” and “Si Se Puede!” I think that this CD set would be an invaluable resource to Homeschooling parents out there, and a fun way to interject education in to any child's day!

The sound of the music is nice. Each song is different so there are varying tempos and sounds; it keeps things interesting for kids who have short attention spans! I also found that Jonathan has a nice voice; on many of his songs his vocals were close to John Bon Jovi…so pretty good! Don’t just take my word for it though; CDs in this series have won some serious awards! The first three CDs in the series have won a total of 15 awards including Parents’ Choice, NAPPA, Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, Dove, iParenting Media, Creative Child, Dr. Toy, Mom’s Choice and Family Choice, and CD #3 was actually nominated for a Grammy! The 4th CD in the series has actually won 7 awards alone making the total number of awards for the series 22 (WOW!) 

You can learn more about any of these CDs at Each CD retails for $13.98 but we are excited to announce that three, yes three lucky readers will win the entire American Heroes 4 CD Set (a $56 value!) and a cute poster of some of America’s Heroes! 

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  1. I'd like to win this for my grandchildren who are homeschooled.

  2. Unsung hero to me is anyone who is in the military.