Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and the Smelly...A Pros & Cons Review of Diapers

Diapers. Yeah, we go through a few; about 20-25 a day. On a good day that is. A good day being one without poop blowouts and urine soak throughs. That being said, we have used just about every brand of diaper out there. I like to think that makes me a self-appointed diaper expert. So I think that it is my duty, as an expert (haha) to let you all know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the diapers available out there.

Yes, that is over 2,000 diapers that we went through in months

I have found that overall Huggies diapers are very absorbent. They are decent at holding in wetness. They also are moderately priced. The Huggies brand is pretty good at putting out coupons too, which is a huge plus. They also have a rewards for purchases program. Their downfall is that they tend to run at least one size too small. This isn’t too big of a deal, except that when you buy a bigger size, you get less diapers per box for the same price. Ugh. What is the deal with smaller things costing more? But I will say that I like the Huggies Overnight diapers; I of course have to buy them one size larger. They are pretty good for stomach sleepers that tend to leak urine out of the top front. B

Now Pampers really is a mixed bag because they have many different types of diapers. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of most of them. I find that the Baby Dry have an odd smell and aren’t great at protecting against leaks. The Cruisers aren’t much different so I don’t know why they are touted as anything special. Another downside, Pampers are very pricey. Often they are the most expensive diapers available besides the organic type. On the plus side, I really do like their Swaddler variety. They used to be available only for small babies, but they are now available up to size 6. The Swaddlers tend to hold in most liquid and poop. They are also made of a thick and durable material. Pampers also offer some coupons and provide a rewards system based on purchases. B

Babies R Us:
I was extremely disappointed with these diapers. You would think that a diaper produced by a “baby” brand would be decent. Wrong. The Babies R Us brand diapers are thin and barely absorbent. They leak out of the leg holes very badly. A plus, they are inexpensive. But at the rate that you go through them, the low cost is moot. C-

Parent’s Choice (Walmart):
Walmart’s Equate and Parent’s Choice brand generally are a good equivalent to the national brand’s quality and better priced. However, their diapers are terrible. They are on par with the Babies R Us brand. They are super thin, not absorbent, and they leak. So again, while the price is great, it is not worth it because you will go through them so quickly. C-

I like Luvs. They are pretty low priced and decently absorbent. We still had leaks with Luvs, but not as many as with the Babies R Us and Parent’s Choice. Luvs would be my second choice in diapers. B

Target Brand:
Target’s brand of diapers is my favorite. They are of medium thickness so their absorbency is pretty decent. We have low leakage with Target diapers too. They move pretty well with our kids and their price is very good. One of the best things about Target diapers is that they often run a deal where you get a $10-$15 gift card when you purchase two boxes. A pretty sweet deal when you have two sets of twins. Plus, I got a Target Red Debit Card so I get an additional 5% off of all purchases and free shipping from their website. I don’t know about you, but it can be very hard for me to get out of the house to buy diapers. Thus, the free shipping from Target is a great option! The negative about Target diapers is that they have a slight tendency to bust open and leak the absorbent gel bead insides. Generally this happens with a semi full diaper and after bouncing or rough playing. However, I have found these beads all over my daughter when she hasn’t been bouncing or rough playing. So overall, Target diapers are my #1 choice. A-

Choosy moms choose Target lol! 

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