Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MAM Infant and Toddler Products Review

I love baby products. Every few months it seems like companies put out these new and innovative products that are safer, better looking, and more effective for baby’s use. MAM UK gave me the opportunity to select some things from their website to use with my 4 kiddos and review. Among the things that I have tried out with my kids are a nifty teether, some cool glow in the dark pacifiers, some soft, coated spoons with a carry case and dribble bibs.

I love, love, love the teethers! MAM sent me a blue one and a pink one so that my 2 year old boy/girl twins could each have their own. I love that you can chill these teethers and so do my kids. They have a unique shape that allows for contact on the front and back teeth, on both sides. Perhaps one of its best features is the clip-on function; my kids have a ton of teethers and leave them all over the house. With this clip-on teether, I can guarantee that they will have it for at least an hour before they figure out how to get it off.

Next, we tried the dribble bibs. So cute! We got two of them, one in green and one in pink. They remind me of a bandanna and they look way cooler than your normal bib. They have several folds that are intended to catch debris; liquid or otherwise. However, we used these bibs for bottle feeding and it was a fail. They didn’t catch the milk or the subsequent spit up. I think that the term “dribble bib” is meant to imply that these bibs are meant to catch drool from teething babies. Not the gush of spit up that comes out of my acid reflux babies.

We sterilized the new glow in the dark (Perfect Night) pacifiers and introduced them to our toddlers. They loved them! These new Perfect Night pacifiers are designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth and thanks to Dento-Flex® the nipple neck is 60% thinner and the nipple itself is 4 times softer. We obviously love that these glow in the dark. My twins are champs at losing their pacifiers behind their cribs. Then, of course, we cannot find them in the dark. Now, voila, we can suddenly find the glowing pacifiers! Yay!

One of the great things about all of the MAM pacifiers we received is that they all came in their own little sterilizer box; which is so convenient for cleaning. The spoon set is also great! The smaller spoon has a nice curve that helps little eaters in training. I also really appreciated that a MAM representative followed up with me to see how we liked the products and if we had any questions.

MAM also sent us two mini teethers specifically meant for the front teeth, and two small training tooth brushes for ages 6 months and up. The mini teethers are too small for my 2 year olds, and I tried giving them to my 4 month olds but they are still thrusting their tongues forward so that didn’t work for them yet. And the toothbrushes look amazing, and perfect for small hands. It has a tongue scrubber on the back and a lot of grip for little hands.

So far we haven’t had any disappointments with MAM products and I would recommend them to any of my friends. I can’t wait until my little ones are big enough to use the other great MAM products that we have bat cannot use yet. Check out MAM UK's website today, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter too!

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