Friday, April 22, 2016

No Poo FAQ's Continued

Hi there! Today I will be continuing to answer some frequently asked questions about the no poo method.

How often do you wash it? The answer to this question will probably change a lot as you continue down the path of no poo. Also, the answer will be different for each person. In the beginning, you want to start out by going as long as you can without washing your hair. This is basically how long you can handle having dirty hair, because at first your hair may have an adjustment period where it gets greasy. Or you may be one of the lucky ones who’s hair revels in this new found shampoo-less freedom and doesn’t go through an icky phase. So, go as long as you can before you wash. The goal is to go longer and longer without washing. I have gotten to the point where I have to write the date I wash on my mirror with a dry erase marker so that I can remember when I washed. That is how long I can go between washings.

Can you still color/process your hair? I actually didn’t know the answer this from personal experience until a few weeks ago. When I got pregnant with my first set of twins in May of 2012 I stopped highlighting/coloring my hair. I went 4 years without processing my hair. I did read online that you should be able to color your hair; but that you may need to use an oil treatment on your hair often due to the damage coloring can cause. I personally used unrefined coconut oil, once from solid form and then as a fractionated oil.

Is it for all types of hair? I believe that going no poo would be beneficial for everyone; regardless of your type or length of hair. Shampoos are full of chemicals. So not only do they mask your beautiful natural hair, but they also can cause health problems internally, and externally. Have you been experiencing skin issues on your back, neck, or basically anywhere else? Those chemicals can clog pores and destroy skin. Ugh. Women got by for many years without shampoo. Their hair was still beautiful and shiny because they washed it so infrequently. Bathing was often a luxury.

I really am new to this whole idea of natural skin/hair care, holistic medical care and clean eating. The hair care industry irritates me it creates products and tells us that we need it; then we need more products to repair the damage that their products caused. I’m trying to use less in my life. I am finding it true that less is often more. 

I will continue to update the blog with tips and tricks for the no poo lifestyle. I welcome all suggestions and comments. Is there a particular method that works for you? Tell us about it!
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