Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ozeri Pedometer Review

   I am scheduled to deliver my second set of twins this Tuesday. These little girls already weigh over two pounds more than my 19 month old twins did at birth. I also have carried these twins over 3 weeks longer than my last set. Needless to say, I am bigger and have gained more weight with these kiddos. And I believe the old wives tale that girls make you crave sweets because that is all I wanted this pregnancy; so yeah, I may have over indulged in a few cakes, cookies, cereals, donuts, etc. Basically, after this birth I will have some work to do to lose the baby weight, some odd 55 pounds of it.

          Now, with two sets of twins, all under the age of two, who thinks I will make it to a gym? Or even be able to establish some home based workout routine? Oh, we have a treadmill, I think it is the thing in the basement that holds all of our unworn jackets and dust. Really the only consistent exercise I can count on in my day to day life is walking; and climbing the staircase 4 times each time I have to go up. So I was curious, just how much do I walk in a day? Is it really enough to be significant for my goal of getting back in shape (what shape that is I don’t know)?

          Thankfully, a tech savvy company called Ozeri offered to let me review one of their cool 4x3 motion TM Digital Pocket Pedometers, featuring Tri-Axis Technology. These things are pretty fancy; they were originally created for use in corporate programs to promote employee’s health and wellness. Oh, and they are streamlined and cute too.

          One of the things I like the best about the pedometer is that it not only records steps, distance, speed, time, but it also tells me calories burned. And thanks to the tri-axis technology and design, it can be carried in your bag or on your person. If you are like me, you forget what day it is most of the time, thankfully this gadget has a clock and calendar built right in! 

An economic feature is that it will shut itself off after 30 seconds of non-use to preserve battery, but once you move it starts back up where you left off. The backlit screen is also helpful at night time (if you are one of those crazy people who actually does a workout after the kids go to bed). I must say that my only complaint about this pedometer is that it only starts to track your steps when it senses 13 steps. So for me, a trip to the kitchen isn’t tracked although I would like credit for getting up to get a snack! Over all a great purchase, and you can get one from Amazon for under $20! 

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