Friday, April 25, 2014

Mommy Made: Naturally Living

My friend Sabrina is a bit of a wonder to me. She does things as naturally as possible; she makes household products like soaps, lip balm, medicines, salves, etc. She also raises chickens for eggs and meat and I believe she recently acquired a duck! She is like my own frontierswoman in the flesh and she makes it look good, oh and easy to do! Sabrina will be sharing posts with Mama On The Bright Side under the name Mommy Made about her natural methods; how to make natural remedies and products and why. Below you will find Sabrina’s story of why she embarked upon this natural lifestyle. If you have any questions for Mommy Made or would like more information please email .

Sabrina's Story:
My journey to alternative/natural medicine starts with a sick baby. William was born via c-section at 39 weeks. Because of the c-section he had a lot of fluid on his lungs; his first cries sounded more like drowning. After a few days in the NICU we came home. He never sounded quite right. He sounded almost like a lawn mower when he slept. After about 3 weeks he ended up back in the hospital with fluid still on his lungs (bronchiolitis was the diagnosis). So we started albuterol and another inhaled steroid (I forget the name) and after 10 days, we were sent home.

About a month later we were back in the hospital for RSV and Bronchiolitis. He had multiple breathing treatments, every day. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the whole "this isn't right" feeling? That led me to research the medications he was taking. Up until this point I never questioned a doctor. Ever. The things I found out about these medicines terrified me. Asthma, dependence, the very things we were supposedly trying to prevent were the side effects of these medications. I was shocked, and honestly a bit mad. But God is sovereign.

God placed a wonderful lady in my life that grew up on natural medicine and treats her family with it. So I sought her advice. She recommended oregano spray; it kills viruses and helps with breathing issues. I was skeptical but I gave it a try. The very first night I sprayed his little feet, his back and all of his bedding with the oregano. The first thing I noticed, right away, actually was his breathing. It was clear! Even with the prescriptions William had rattle sounding breathing. I kept checking on him because he was so quiet I was afraid he stopped breathing. We quit the meds cold turkey and never looked back. About a month off of his meds he went in for a checkup. The doctor was amazed at how clear he sounded. She immediately got irritated when I told her it was something natural. Oh well.

God knew in creation that we would sin. That sin would bring sickness and disease. He created plants with the power to heal. I'm not advocating never going to the doctor. We still go, after I've tried something natural or I don't know what's wrong. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to natural medicine. It's been an exciting journey; I know we aren't finished yet. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Mommy Made

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  1. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: Love your story. It's so great when your inner voice told you something was wrong, you listened to it! Your son, William is a very fortunate boy to have a mama like you! I'm so glad you chose the natural path and you helped him through his illness. Thanks so much for giving us your email so we can ask you questions about natural methods.