Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scentsy Review

Recently I received a Scentsy Warmer for review, along with a delicious smelling pumpkin scent bar. Boy was I in for a treat! When I first received my Scentsy catalog I browsed through it, dreaming of which one I would receive for review. I was really drawn toward this beautiful cream colored warmer with an intricate outline of a birdcage on it. Side note, I love birdcages; the rustic, for décor only type.

And wouldn’t you know it, my Scentsy rep sent me this exact warmer without me even mentioning it to her. It was meant to be. I was thrilled to try out my new beauty with this new amazing pumpkin scent. Thankfully, I received this in time to use it during the holidays. There is nothing better at Christmas time than the smell of pumpkin filling the house.

My new Scentsy warmer is so chic and it fits right in with my home décor. When you plug it in, it emits this gorgeous soft glow that elicits a warm feeling, perfect for the day to day family activities. Scentsy warmers are so nice because they don’t draw too much attention to themselves; they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The thing I love about the Scentsy scent bar is that it is a delicate scent. It isn’t overpowering. It is a perfect balance of fragrance. The only downside about my warmer is that it has a large heating surface and you really need two cubes of the scent bar to get a good amount of fragrance. But it is worth it!

Check out Amarillis’s page or her website today. She is a great sales rep who seems to be able to anticipate her buyer’s needs! Contact her today for all you Scentsy needs!

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  1. Hey Ryann!, It's beautiful and eye catching. Your new Scentsy warmer is definitely so chic and it fits right for home decorates. Thanks for posting!